How to Get a True Credit Report Reading

How to Get True Credit Report Reading

One major problem today is not know if you are receiving a true credit report reading, and in the process many people have gotten scammed. You may wonder how this could possibly happen, but it does happen every single day.

Vital information is stolen from you to use for a variety of illegal purposes. One common example is when someone obtains your social security number or birth date to try to get an apartment in your name.

If you want to obtain your true credit report watch out for signs that a fraudulent outfit online is trying to steal your identity:

  • You try to question errors but dispute inaccurate information on your files is denied.
  • You are about to sign a document and cannot even read the print of it.
  • You try to ask legitimate questions and they are not answered.
  • The service you use online hoping to get a true credit report copy does not even have a legitimate address and name on file.
  • The right to cancel within three days is denied to you, even if right to cancel is lawful in your state.
  • In the process, you are asked to sign a form waiving any rights that pertain to you as a consumer as set by federal law.
  • You are advised that it is possible to dispute items on your credit report even if it does not even apply to you (i.e. you never filed for bankruptcy).
  • You are told you can assume a new identity to rates your credit score. Warning: This is highly illegal and if you get caught there are serious consequences!
  • You are being charged for services that you could have done for yourself for free.
  • You are denied a free copy of your true credit report even though you are entitled to it now once every 12 months.

Taking Action

When seeking to obtain your true credit report you should understand your rights as a consumer. Extensive information about your rights is presented at the Federal Trade Commission website, and within documentation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.    

Furthermore, if you have a problem with a vendor who is trying to sell you illegal services you can report them the Better Business Bureau. If you have any complaints at all about an issuer of supposed free credit reports you can also lodge those online via the website.

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