How to Avoid Free Credit Reports Scam Websites

Free credit reports are an excellent way to keep tabs on your financial history. Unfortunately, many have taken advantage of this and created scams on the internet. As a result when people go online to order their free credit reports that often find themselves in the middle of a fraudulent dealing that can cause them more harm than good. Once such scam directs individuals to a Privacy Forum where they much are told to use a toll free number rather than dealing with the challenges of the online site when asking for their federally mandated free credit report. However, it is important that you only use the legitimate government sites when it comes to getting your free credit reports so you won’t have to wade through marketing information to determine if a website is actually legitimate or not.

Free Credit Report Scam

There is another hazard you need to be careful of when going online for your free credit reports. Many imposter web domains have names similar to the actual government website. As a result a simple misspelling can often take a person to a scam website. Ninety-six such sites have been found by the government and credit-reporting agencies. Scam websites will also list their home pages as official even if they aren’t. When you go to the government website for your free credit reports be sure to type in the address carefully.

It is even easier to misspell the address since the credit bureaus won’t let legitimate news organizations, consumer groups or other legitimate companies to link to their official report site. Since people have to type in the domain name rather than click a link the chances of misspelling or mistyping are great. On the other hand, affiliate marketing programs can freely link to their commercial service sites. As a result imposter domains have online advertising and other marketing schemes to draw people to them.

One main way to avoid these imposter sites is by avoiding the internet search engines. If you type free credit report into your internet search engine you will find a long list of companies that are likely imposter sites and trying to find a good once among them can be a difficult task. Rather you should take the time to type in the correct address and go directly to the credit-reporting sites or the federal government site. You should also never click on advertisements or links to sites offering free credit reports.

When it comes to free credit reports, they are a useful tool that gives you a lot of helpful information. But in order to access this information you need to be very careful. Be sure to check any website you visit and double check the domain name you type into your internet search bar. Carefully read over any privacy policy or small print the company may have and make sure you are getting your free credit reports through a legitimate company. Otherwise you can have a lot more financial issues than just checking your free credit report.

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