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Welcome to the website (the “Site”). This Agreement (“Agreement”) consists of terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) upon the agreement of which you (the “member” or “You”) may access the site as well as the products on the site (together referred here as you agree to be bound by the given terms and conditions legally when you access our site.

This Agreement binds You as well as, which provides you access to a pool of credit information that includes, but is not limited to, the products that are membership-based, like credit watch, credit score tracking, credit monitoring, balance based insurance, credit balance monitoring along with products that are not based on membership, like credit report, free credit score, credit score, 3 Bureau Credit Report, and single credit report (together, the “Products”). All Products along with pictures, logos, texts, graphics, works of authorship and images as well as all enhancements, amendments, and revisions thereafter (“Content”) are subject to the Terms and Conditions that are given below.    

WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR ORDER, IT IMPLIES YOUR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE AGREEMENT OF OUR PRIVACY POLICY AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND THAT YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THEM. IN CASE YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY OF THE CLAUSES OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, WE REQUEST YOU NOT TO USE OUR SITE, THE PRODUCTS, OR THE CONTENT OR INFORMATION WITHIN THE GIVEN PRODUCTS. YOUR USE AND ACCESS OF THIS SITE SHOWS YOUR AGREEMENT TO ADHERE TO EVERY TERM AND CONDITION MENTIONED ON THIS PAGE. FOR THE USE IN THIS AGREEMENT, THE TERM “CREDIT REPORTS” WOULD COMRISE IN ACCESS TO CREDIT SCORES, BASIC REPORTS, CREDIT INFORMATION AND ANY OTHER ENHANCEMENTS IN THE BASIC REPORTS. updates the Site frequently to make useful information available to You and provide You with access to our Products and services and memberships in order to improve your communication with our affiliates and us. We may amend these Terms and Conditions at our discretion anytime without any prior notice. The revisions thus made will stand effective since the time it has been posted or as mentioned otherwise. Some more terms and conditions may also apply to our Products and services, memberships and also in relation with our contests, affiliate program, or surveys.  

In order to get Yourself enrolled in our annual or monthly membership that allows you to access your credit report, credit score and credit monitoring services after the submission of accurate identification information, you must provide a United States address, a valid Social Security number, and you agree to be bound by the given terms and conditions. In some limited circumstances, you may be requested for your valid phone number so that we can process your order.

If you wish to activate credit tracking and credit monitoring services, or see your credit report, you must provide your identification information. Any important changes made in your credit report will be informed via email by the national bureaus (for details, see the section “Product-specific terms and conditions”). And if you have not made available your identification information made available before, you will need to provide them now to check your credit monitoring alerts. Valid credit card information must be provided and no joint registrations are processed for married couples.

Use of Products on

When you order or request from our website, you agree that – (1) the information provided by You is accurate, current and true; (2) You certify that it is Your Credit Report which is requested; and (3) that You are above 18 years. If the information provided by You is found to be untrue, not current or inaccurate, or if has sufficient grounds to believe it to be so, possess the sole discretion to terminate or suspend Your use of any Product, or even Your membership. In such a situation, we also have the right to terminate or suspend your present as well as future access to the use of Products or Content thereof. Also, You agree that will not have any responsibility whatsoever to either You or any third party, if terminates or suspends Your access to the Content or Products due to any reason. 

You agree that when You submit Your order, You provide Your written instructions to through, along with its suppliers and affiliates, including but not limited to, Equidata Inc., Equifax Information Services LLC (“Equifax”), Experian, and Trans Union LLC.

This is carried forward under the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), which provides authority to, along with its suppliers and affiliates, that includes but is not restricted to Equidata Inc., Equifax Information Services LLC (“Equifax”), Experian, and Trans Union LLC, to get such information only for your own purpose, for identity confirmation, for Your credit monitoring and provide you with timely credit monitoring alerts, scoring and other associated Products, when you have an active membership.

You also understand that it may be counted as a federal and/or state law violation if you obtain a credit report for anyone other than your own self. Under the FRCA, any person who deliberately and willfully gains access to the information of any other consumer from a consumer reporting agency by giving false pretenses is bound to be fined under Title 18, United States Code, and be imprisoned for up to two years.  

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